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These pages will inform the visitors about the genocide against Serbian people committed by nato pact and Albanian "UCK" terrorist organization on Kosovo..

All about Kosovo
Selected texts in english
The brief history of Kosovo region
What does word "Kosovo" mean
The history of Kosovo conflicts
The Albanian terror in Kosovo prior to 1989
The Albanian terror on Kosovo in 1996-97 and in 1998
The Albanian lobby in US and its financing of leading US politicians
Albanian drug traffic and their powerfull connections
Who is William Walker, alias "Mr. Massacre"

Texts about the nato aggression against Serbia
Who are the main Pentagon contractors
Serbian cities destroyed in nato bombing campaign
List of casualties and damages in nato's aggression against Serbia
The ecological catastrophy caused by nato bombing of Serbia
Spanish pilot makes confession about criminal bombing of Serbia
The worst crime in Europe 
since World War Two
Ethnic cleansing of Serbs in Tudjman's Croatia

The Humanitarian Aid Actions
Link to the page with addresses and accounts collecting aid for the victims of nato aggression against Serbia

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